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1. Cleaning of rugs at your premises the same way as carpet cleaning.
Steam or Dry cleaning of rugs at your premises is OK for a freshen up only. If we bring your rugs to our factory we can perform a more thorough clean. Delicate rugs such as silk and hand woven or antique rugs are not recommended for cleaning at your premises

2. Removal of the rug from your premises and hand washed in our factory.
We call to your premises and inspect the rugs for damage or repairs, transport the rug to our premises and place the rug in a dust removal machine and the dust and soiling is removed. The rug is then washed by hand and then placed in a spin drying machine and finally hung to dry in a drying room for up to 48 hours. This is a very thorough method and any repairs can be performed in our factory.

We clean all types of area rugs including: Persian Oriental Rugs, Machine-Made Wool Area Rugs, Kilm Rugs, Hall Runners, Dhurrie Rugs & Belgian Rugs.

Mission Carpet Cleaning cleans all types of area rugs including: Persian Oriental Rugs, Machine-Made Wool Area Rugs, Kilim Rugs, Hall Runners Dhurrie Rugs, Belgian Rugs.

Area Rug Service Cleaning rugs at your premises Cleaning rugs at our factory
Steam cleaning of rug Yes Yes
Full immersion hand wash No Yes
Cleaning of fringes and tassels Limited Yes
Placing of rug in spin dryer No Yes
Ability to conduct repairs to rug if necessary No Yes
Spot and stain removal Limited Yes
Urine removal and treatments Limited


Commonly Asked Questions About Cleaning & Rug Repair

1) How long will it take to clean my rug?
It will take up to 2 weeks as our cleaning facility may have an overload of cleaning or if the weather is inclement as it must be sunny outside for the rug to dry completely.

2) Do you use harsh chemicals in cleaning the rug?
No. We do not use harsh chemicals.  In fact, a very mild detergent is used for cleaning the rugs.  

3) Are there additional charges for stains, such as pet stains, coffee, wine, etc?
Yes.  There will likely be an additional charge for stains.  

4) Will the stains come out of my rug?
It really depends on many factors, but most stains come out very clean.  We cannot guarantee it, but our cleaning crew takes great care in doing their very best.  They care about your rug!

5) Is there a difference between cleaning my tufted rug versus a knotted rug?
Yes.  There is a big difference.  Knotted rugs usually clean up very nicely, whereas tufted rugs are more difficult to clean as a different process is used due to the glued backing.  However, tufted rugs can come out clean but they take longer as they are thicker.

6) My dog chewed my rug! Can you fix it?
Most often, yes we can fix it.  However, it really depends on how badly damaged it is and how much of an investment you have in the rug.  Rug repair can be expensive as it requires actually re-weaving certain areas of the rug.  

We will pick up and deliver your rugs for cleaning and repair for a nominal fee or you may drop off the rug yourself at our store location

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Rug Services include steam cleaning, full immersion hand washing, stain removal and much more. Click here for more info on Area Rug Cleaning.

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