Heavily Soiled Carpet Cleaned the Mission Way

Heavily soiled carpet often results from excessive amounts of pedestrian traffic, embedded dirt and spilt drinks. While residential homes are no stranger to heavily soiled carpeting, they are most commonly found in many commercial establishments, including nightclubs, hotels and restaurants. The more popular the establishment, the more you’ll require the services of a professional carpet cleaning company.

If your carpet is heavily soiled it probably looks unattractive, right? Unfortunately that’s not the worst part about it! It additionally has the potential to foster a large variety of harmful microorganisms including mold and bacteria. These organisms, along with dirt and debris, can deeply embed itself into your carpet’s fibers. This makes efficiently cleaning them nearly impossible – unless you call Mission Carpet & Furniture Cleaning.

Introducing the RX-20™ Rotary Carpet Extractor

On heavily soiled carpet we bring out what we call the beast, aka the RX-20 Rotary Carpet Extractor. In circumstances where we know that conventional carpet cleaning methods will not be fully successful, we combine this equipment, along with the highest quality cleaning solutions. To get your home or business cleaned and looking great again, we rely on the RX-20!

How Does It Work?

Featuring 5 rotating spray jets and vacuum ports that deliver 650 cleaning passes per minute, the RX-20 revolutionizes the way we clean your heavily soiled carpet. The RX-20 assists our professionally trained service specialists by cleaning your carpet from five different angles. You’d honestly this equipment is doing all of the work, thanks to it being completely self-propelled.

The astonishing scrubbing action of this equipment, along with a penetrating amount of cleaning solutions, removes even the most deeply embedded dirt from your carpet’s fibers without any damaging effects. Once we have completed the entire process (similar to what is found here) you carpets will look refreshed, feel soft and dry faster. To save you money on frequent cleanings we ensure no sticky residue is left behind.

Mission’s Cleaning Process:

  • Picture #1 – The RX-20 features 5 rotating spray jets and vacuum ports to deliver exceptional results.
  • Picture #2 – Not a modest machine – a selfie of the RX-20
  • Picture #3 – A before picture of the area needing to be cleaned
  • Picture #4 – The RX-20 in action – just look at it work
  • Picture #5 – A close-up of a normal two-pass cleaning
  • Picture #6 – A normal two-pass cleaning

Example of heavily soiled carpet cleaning.

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