Mattress Cleaning

Mission Carpet Cleaning uses Steam Cleaning and Allergy Relief Treatment to clean your mattress. 

Our process is as follows:

  1. Pre-spray the mattress with Anti-Allergen pre-spray. 
  2. Use the Drymaster cleaning tool which uses heat and suction to clean the mattress and apply an Anti-Allergen rinse. 
  3. Spray the mattress with Allergy relief treatment. 
  4. Spray the mattress with an Anti-Allergen deodorizer

Mission Carpet Cleaning mattress cleaning system is a total clean and allergy relief system.

Notes on stain removal in mattresses:

Old yellow and general stains that have been set in the mattress fabric overtime are difficult to remove. We do 
attempt stain removal techniques on all stains, but we do not guarantee stain removal. Our system will clean, 
sanitize and apply an anti allergen treatment.

Sleep Better - Feel Better

Mattress Cleaning and Sterilization

mission prides itself on cleaning that goes way beyond just looking great. Our equipment sterilizes and removes all those unwanted bed bugs



Dust mites are microscopic arachnids that live in mattresses, pillows, rugs and curtains and feed on people's flaked-off dead skin. They aren't harmful in themselves, but according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, some 18% to 30% of Americans are allergic to the mites' waste products. A government-led study found that nearly half of all U.S. homes have levels of allergen significant enough to trigger a sensitivity even in people who weren't previously allergic.

Many of our customers have reported sleeping much better after the removal of these dust mites. For more information contact mission at 602-626-7199. Free crib mattress cleaning is included in our mattress cleaning service


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