Water Extraction of Wet Carpet and UnderlayWater Damage

When disaster strikes such as a washing machine overflow, bath overflow, burst pipe, rainwater from balcony etc, water damage restoration procedures must be followed. 
It is not as simple as just sucking up the water and cleaning the carpet and letting the area dry naturally. It is not the wet carpet that is the problem it is the underlay and the wood or concrete floor that needs to be dried. If the underlay is not dried or replaced you will end up with mold and odor problems.

The Mission Carpet Cleaning procedure for wet carpet:

  1. Call out to the premises and extract water using powerful vacuum extraction machinery. 
  2. Apply browning treatment to carpet to prevent water stains. 
  3. Move furniture on to foam blocks to avoid further damage. 
  4. Lift corner of carpet and inspect for damage underneath carpet. 
  5. Install drying equipment such as air movers and / or dehumidifiers and leave these on site until area is dry. 
  6. Call back to premises on daily basis to check drying progress. 
  7. Relay carpet and underlay when dry. 
  8. Steam clean and deodorize carpet on completion of restoration. 

Notes on Water Restoration:

  • An area such as a bedroom will normally take between 24-48 hours to dry completely using drying equipment. 
  • When a premises has been affected by sewage overflow we do not attempt carpet restoration. The carpet and underlay must be removed from the premises and disposed and the flooring treated and deodorized. USA Standards does not allow restoration of sewage affected carpet.


  • Insurance Deductible Assistance
  • We Work with All Insurance Companies
Accidents and unforeseen events happen, when they do, call the company Phoenix voted best:

mission - The Water Extraction Experts

From small water extraction events to large flood clean-up emergencies the removal and restoration experts at Apex are on call in Phoenix 24/7
  • 24/7 response - arrival in 60 min or less
  • Insurance Deductible Assistance
  • All Work Is 100% Guaranteed For Two Years
  • Upfront Pricing – No Hidden Charges
  • We Work With All Insurance Companies

Emergency Water Removal

Whether it’s a broken water pipe, plumbing malfunction or Mother Nature thewater extraction professionals at mission are ready to repair 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Our Phoenix water damage and flood cleanup response time is under an hour from the time you call. Emergency Water Removal in nearby towns under 90 minutes.

From the moment you call we advise you on what to do until we get there.

The first thing to do is remove the water source and shut off circuit breakers to prevent electrocution. Next, move everything up and off the wet carpet. Look under your bed for pictures and sentimental items. Move items to a safe and dry place. Start to clear off the tabletops and so forth until the room is empty. Move the furniture out of the room if possible. We will take over upon arrival.

mission Expert Flood Cleanup Tools

Apex’s equipment for large flood events to small flood events.
Why is fast response vital?
1 hour or less 1-24 hours 2-7 Days 1 week or more
Water spreads quickly to other areas.

Furniture begins to discolor.

Furniture may stain carpet permanently.

Paper products are ruined.
Furniture swells, lamination separates, wood splits

Presses woods swell and disintegrate

Odor of bacteria becomes noticeable

Unprotected metals start to tarnish 

Normal odors strengthen
A “musty” odor appears accompanied by Microbial growth

Wooden furniture swell and warp.

Drywall swells and disintegration begins.

Unprotected metals begin to rust.

Door casings and trim swells, separates and warps.

Wooden studs in walls begin to swell, warp, or split.

People with respiratory conditions or immune system issues can experience health complications.
Serious health hazards may occur.

Microbial growth can be seen accompanied by a “musty” odor.

Wood warps and splits.

Chemical additives in wood discolor, dissolve or ruin finishes.

Drywall is ruined

Insurance claim increases incredibly

Flood Clean-Up Restoration in Phoenix

Flood damage can be disastrous. Water soaking into walls, carpet and personal items is a very serious problem that needs fast response from professional Water Damege or Restoration technicians. Water damage, no matter what the source can contain contaminates and provides excessive moisture for breading microbial growth. It is vital that someone who has experienced a water damage event in their home take quick action to prevent further damage and eliminate microbial growth.

What To Expect From The Flood clean-up Experts At mission
  • Provide expert advice on what to do until our crew arrives.
  • Dispatch certified, trained, and experienced water damage techs to your home or business. Uniformed, background checked and drug tested
  • Fast response - 90 minutes or less 24/7.
  • Pump out all freestanding water; extract water from carpet, padding, and upholstery.
  • Evaluate carpeting (dry in place or remove if necessary)
  • Evaluate all flooring (dry in place or remove if necessary)
  • Evaluate walls, ceilings, and cabinets (including baseboards)
  • Evaluate Insulation
  • Apply anti-microbials
  • Apply odor control
  • Provide industrial grade, professional equipment for a controlled drying process of the structure and contents minimizing the possibility of secondary damage and potential microbial growth.
  • Apply professional instruments to discover hidden pockets of water and monitor the dehumidification or drying process.
  • Work with you and your insurance company to process water damage claims and get your home livable again or business back up and running as quickly as possible - time is money!
  • Make sure the structure and all contents are dry to the specifications and recommended industry standards for Maricopa County regarding water damage AZ.
Why mission for Emergency Water Removal and Emergency Water Damage Cleanup?
 Voted Best in Phoenix
  • Superior knowledge
  • Uniformed techs
  • Drug Tested techs
  • 24/7 Emergency Service
  • Superior Equipment
  • Background Checked Techs
  • Fast Response
  • Insurance Companies
  • 100% Satisfaction guarantee

mission is the premier choice for resolving your water damage situation and getting you back in business or making your home livable again fast. With superior knowledge and the most powerful industrial equipment our fully certified and background checked water damage techs will arrive promptly giving you the same service that has earned us the title of “best in Phoenix”. We take this title, “best in Phoenix,” seriously as we are humbled by the community's confidence in our service and are committed to continually evaluate and improve our service insuring our customers receive the finest care any water damage restoration companies can offer. We love feedback from our customers and continually evaluate reviews on sites like kudzu.com and others. Our 100% complete satisfaction guarantee is unmatched by others giving you the peace of mind that you hired a true professional that stands behind their service without exception.

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